Whether it’s auditing your current processes, implementing new ones, and equipping you with a roadmap to success or delving deeper into community building and monetization strategies, our offerings are tailored and customized to ensure you’re reaching optimal brand visibility with your partnership with Phantom Nerds.
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All Consulting services are packaged with Post-Consultation support.

Content Development

Auditing current content and developing strategies around what drives consistent, organic engagement.

Audience Discovery

Targeting specific demographics or categories
Meta tools, their functionality, set up, and maximizing them.

Community Building

Roadmap for the monetization of a Community and best practices for Terms of Service.


Community Marketing Campaings

Dedicated content curators and creators, 

trusted voices in our communities to introduce your brand.

Team of community managers for maximizing engagement, keeping target posts at the forefront of each community.

Massive pages with quality content that have 100 million engagement with a loyal follower base.

Dedicated Communities – Established audiences with disposable income, focus groups, and roundtable discussions.