Phantom Nerds

Introducing the Phantom Nerds Team

Anthony Caravella


With 7+ years of digital marketing experience and 11 years in sales management, I am passionate about providing exceptional marketing services to my clients. I prioritize high-quality work and clear communication to exceed expectations and ensure satisfaction. Let me help your brand reach its target audience.

Dashamir Fraholli

Chief Creative Officer

As a Chief Creative Officer at Phantom Nerds, Dash strives to create timely and relevant content that keeps target audiences consistently engaged. He thrives in ideating, planning, and executing valuable content that reaches over 150 million people. With more than a decade of experience in managing, creating, and visualizing content across multiple Meta groups and pages, by increasing community growth by 52 percent since joining Phantom Nerds. Dash is also an RN, which has equipped him with a creative, yet analytical approach within his role as CCO.

Allison Lemos

Head of Community

As an experienced online community manager for Phantom Nerds, I am dedicated to fostering connections within our network. I am constantly brainstorming and implementing new training methods for our team and community.

Denise Smith

Director of Operations and Communication

With over 15 years of experience in supervisory roles, I take pride in my ability to act as a hands-on administrator who drives development and promotes a positive work environment across the company. I enjoy consulting with team members and ensuring smooth onboarding for new members of our community. In addition to my production management experience, I also have a background in retail and marketing sales. I am committed to ensuring that all clients have a unique and positive experience with Phantom Nerds.

Our Work

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