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What makes Phantom Nerds stand out in the digital advertising and marketing industry?
With more than 13 global content creators and curators who have a collective reach of 130 million a month and 22 years experience in the creator ecosystem, Phantom Nerds offers superior digital advertising and marketing services that target niche and diverse audiences. Led by our Chief Creative Officer, all content is curated and vetted to ensure that it is timely, relevant, and valuable before it gets funneled to various pages and groups with brand objectives driving strategy and execution (increasing website traffic, boosting sales, building brand awareness, etc.).
How does Phantom Nerds help businesses with community marketing campaigns?
Boasting an established fan base of 4.7 million, Phantom Nerds delivers customized community marketing campaign recommendations that are tailored to each business or personal brand’s marketing goals. Our community team ensures optimal engagement, moderation, and scrubbing throughout each group or page before, during, and after any brand partnership to maintain a premium benchmark for new and ongoing collaboration.
What kind of exposure and consultation services does Phantom Nerds provide?
Taking the guesswork out of leveraging these online communities, Phantom Nerds provides designated exposure to quality audiences and Meta-centric consultations led by a team of experts that are seeing their content reach more than 150 million people per month.

Best Performing Groups

These are a few of the Meta Communities we own and operate. 
Naruto (Official Fan Group)
Pokemon Go WW Friend Codes
Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War
Amaterasu 天照
The Village Hidden in the Memes
The Uchiha Clan 愛
Meta Communities

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